The Arkansas Water Resources Center has produced its second annual issue of the Arkansas Bulletin of Water Research, an open access bulletin that highlights water resources research throughout the state.

This year’s Bulletin is packed full of information about Arkansas agriculture, drinking water, and the potential sources and transport of nutrients and bacteria across the landscape. Here is a list of articles in this issue:

  • Comparative Microbial Community Dynamics in a Karst Aquifer System and Proximal Surface Stream in Northwest Arkansas
  • Investigating Impact of Lead Service Lines in Drinking Water Distribution Systems at the City of Tulsa
  • Characterization of Nutrient Sources, Transport Pathways, and Transformations Using Stable Isotope and Geochemical Tools in the Big Creek Watershed of Northwest Arkansas
  • Combined Application of Nutrient Manipulation and Hydrogen Peroxide Exposure to Selectively Control Cyanobacteria Growth and Promote Eukaryote Phytoplankton Production in Aquaculture Ponds
  • Herbicide Mitigation Potential of Tailwater Recovery Systems in the Cache River Critical Groundwater Area
  • Assessment of Strategies to Address Future Irrigation Water Shortage in the Arkansas Delta
  • Tracking the Growth of On-Site Irrigation Infrastructure in the Arkansas Delta with Remote Sensing Analysis
  • Regionalizing Agricultural Field Evapotranspiration Observations
  • Educating the Masses Using Mass Media for Stormwater Pollution Prevention

This bulletin was developed to allow researchers to share their work in an easily accessible, aesthetically engaging way. The submission of a paper to this bulletin is appropriate for researchers, extension specialists, consulting firms, watershed groups, or anyone else conducting water research or investigations.

For anyone interested in publishing their work in the 2019 issue, or for other information about the bulletin, visit the website or contact the editor, Erin Scott, at