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Call for Proposals, Aquatic Invasive Species Competitive Grant Program

Call for Proposals, Aquatic Invasive Species Competitive Grant Program

We are announcing the Request for Proposals (RFP) for the FY2020 Aquatic Invasive Species competitive grant program from the U.S. Geological Survey. This program is administered in partnership between the USGS and the National Institutes for Water Resources. Therefore, all submissions must be made through the Arkansas Water Resources Center (AWRC).

If you plan to submit a proposal, please notify AWRC director Dr. Brian Haggard. The deadline to submit proposals to the Water Center is Monday, June 8th.

You can view the RFP for more information:

Photo of mussels on boat propeller; from the National Park Service.

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About Arkansas Water Resources Center

Founded in 1964, the AWRC engages with students by supporting student research and providing employment opportunities. The AWRC also operates a water quality laboratory where water samples are analyzed for researchers, students, and the public.

Mission Statement

The mission of the AWRC is three-fold:

  1. to support water research in Arkansas
  2. to train future water scientists and engineers
  3. to share information with stakeholders.

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Dr. Brian E. Haggard
AWRC Director