The US Environmental Protection Agency is soliciting research proposals that study lead in drinking water.

Applications should propose research to look at lead in the community’s water system, including lead found in the water supply, treatment, and distribution systems. Research should also address potential effects of lead in drinking water on public health.

With this grant, EPA wants to foster research projects to:

  • Identify communities that are at a high risk of experiencing the adverse health effects of lead in drinking water,
  • Identify opportunities to mitigate these risks, and
  • Conduct educational and outreach efforts so that water systems managers and the general public are aware of these risks and opportunities.

The proposed research should be national in scope and conducted across multiple disciplines to best address the stated research needs.

Eligible applicants include non-profit organizations and public and private universities and colleges in the United State. Federal, State, and local governments, and for-profit organizations are NOT eligible to apply under this grant program.

Visit the program website for more information and instructions to apply:

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